High School Sports Team and Activities Photography


Our prices and rebates have remained the same for over 8 years (see attached sample envelope).


We pay commissions to the school athletics department as follows;


Packages = $3.00

All additional items are 10% of price.

All reorders are 10% of price.

All live action are 10% of price


In addition to the above rebates I will also provide all of your coaches a free 8 x 10 team photo, necessary photos for special plaques and presentations and any digital files necessary for tournament publications.


We also provide a digital link to all team photos for the yearbook to download and use for their publication.


Team Group Shot can be uploaded directly to OSAA, saving your time gathering images for State Tournaments.


If your school puts together a sports program, we will also provide the all the digital files necessary to publish the programs.


In addition if your school needs a shoot day to photograph all teams for a sports program, we will be available at no charge one day for each sport season.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.