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10 Reasons to Choose NWP Photo Cards


1: Packaged in plastic sleeves to preserve the integrity of the product.


2: Image is incased in the card, (not tacked on the front), this gives the card a matted feel.  Not just a photo stuck on the front of a folded sheet.


3: Cards are 5 x 7 finished size and can be framed in a 5 x 7 picture frame, giving them a usefulness beyond just a greeting card.


4: Cost of the cards is $2.50 retail $5.00, which from all market research is very much in line with a quality card.


5.  Images are printed on photographic paper, not injet, or laser for a lasting appearance.


6. Images are of recognizable landmarks and places, giving the buyer confidence in the purchase.


7.  Art Cards allow you to add unusual cards to your blank card selection.


8. Racking is available for committed quantities.


9. Dedicated products, because you are working with the photographer, we offer exclusive photo shoots with dedicated images for your company only.  Minimum purchase of 50 cards from dedicated images.


10: Seasonal Exchange Program: The year is split into three card seasons, spring, fall, winter. What I do is change out the cards that are specific to the season, i.e.: snow scenes, swapped for spring flowers, spring flowers, swapped for fall leaves, etc. This help keep your cards fresh and seasonal without having to tie up your inventory dollars.


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